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Sunday Worship:  10:30 am            50 Marshall Ave  Akron Ohio 44303            330.733.8844

Akron Christian Reformed Church

Akron Christian Reformed Church

Transforming Lives Through Worship

The Akron Christian Reformed Church is being gathered by the Holy Spirit into a sanctuary of grace – a place of worship, prayer, refuge and protection.  As a community, we worship our God, mature in our relationship with God, experience God’s gracious healing throughout our life, and develop our gifts for the glory of God, so that we may reflect the light of Jesus Christ into the lives of the people who surround us.


We have reached the goal of paying for the elevator! We've paid off the construction teams.  And we've returned the loan from the CRC that we had taken out to cover the final couple of months of expenses..

It's stunning that we've all been able to help the church raise $175,000 in two years to put in a rather slow lift.  (it's properly called "a lift," not "an elevator," since it's not an enclosed box, but a platform that moves up and down within a tower)  It's already running and the very first day it was opened a woman in a wheelchair came down to The Landing for the first time.

As you know, we installed this lift to help our neighbors receive food.  However, it is also helpful for some of the people within the congregation who found it difficult to move from floor to floor.

It's been in use for about a month.

We will have a small litany (we don't do anything without a litany of some sort) and ribbon cutting following the service on March 17.  This lift is called:

          The Charles Uy and Fred Wybenga

          Memorial Elevator.


Following the ribbon cutting we will have a little lunch.  So, if you're in the area on March 17 morning, come by and worship, celebrate and eat with us.



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