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Sunday Worship:  10:30 am            50 Marshall Ave  Akron Ohio 44303            330.733.8844

Akron Christian Reformed Church

Akron Christian Reformed Church

Transforming Lives Through Worship


In worship, we pray the liturgy together. It is completely printed so you don't have to worry about being lost.  At the center of our worship is the reading and preaching of the word.  We always read three lessons, they're usually from the Old Testament, an Epistle and a Gospel.

We invite you to come and worship with us on any Sunday morning.  We aren't glitzy or glamorous.  We aren't entertained by loud bands or a deafening organ.  We still sing from hymnals and read our liturgies on paper.  We worship in a slow, gentle style with the same liturgy prayed throughout an entire season.  We think of it as a gentle, soaking rain rather than a powerful, dramatic  thunderstorm.


We baptize babies and adults.  We believe that we are all part of the covenant community 


We celebrate communion every Sunday by coming up front and standing in circles around the table.  The elders offer each person bread or gluten free bread and the wine or juice.  We invite everyone who is at worship to the  Lord's table since the Holy Spirit is the one who has drawn them into  worship.  We believe that the table is a place of peace and refuge.  The pastor follows the elders and blesses all of the children.  He may also bless any adult who requests a blessing or whose life is fragile.  It's common to see people crying while at the table, but we are all quite used to it and are only filled with compassion and prayers for whomever is crying.

The worship of our God is at the heart of who we are.  It defines us.  It organizes us. It is our reason for being. 


Every Sunday we gather to pray the liturgy, hear the word and celebrate communion. We believe

that the Holy Spirit is the one who draws us together to worship, therefore everyone is invited to participate fully in our worship services.  We encourage visitors to take communion as well.


We are a liturgical church.  The church year, or church calendar, gives structure to our lives and worship.  We generally follow the Common Lectionary texts in our services.  The lectionary readings are on a three year cycle.  The worship art changes with each liturgical season. The colors within the sanctuary changes with each season.

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