The Landing

The Landing is the name of our Food distribution program.  Every Friday we welcome a number of guests into our building where they may pick up some food.  We always serve a meal  and always have coffee and snacks.  The doors open at 6 pm.

The Landing is now serving food on


1pm - 3 pm

Before we're able to distribute food we must gather it.  On Friday morning someone picks up food from the Akron-Canton Foodbank, and then a host of people carry it into the building, sort it, and organize it.  When we're finished we sit down and eat lunch together.

We call this part of our church "The Landing" because it's a community gathering where we all land on equal ground.  Some of us need food. Some of us need to put our hands to work and stop worrying about life.  Some of us need both.  We all need friendship and hope.  We gather with different needs but we land in the same place and rub off a little hope on one another.