Corona Virus and ACRC

The Governor of Ohio, Mike Dewine and the head of the Ohio Department of Health, Dr. Amy Acton, declared that mass gatherings, that bring together more than 100 people in one room, are prohibited in the state of Ohio. 

"This excludes shopping malls, airports, typical office environments, and schools, as those are defined as areas where 100 or more people may be "in transit." It does not include athletic events that exclude spectators. Immediate family members of athletic participants may be present. The order does not apply to religious gatherings, weddings or funerals. "

It feels very odd to cancel Sunday morning worship, and perhaps a bit alarmist, but Dr. Acton said that the time to act is right now, not a week, or two weeks, or three weeks from now. 


I drove about this Sunday morning and saw that most of the very large churches were continuing to meet and their parking lots were full.  This stirred up mixed emotions in me, but I think it's probably wiser to not gather together at this time.  The elders will meet March 19 to discuss our future plans.